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Based in Stapylton Queensland Carroll Engineering Services Pty Ltd is a local Queensland company. The business was formed in 2015 to design and manufacture equipment to assist its owners in recycling the waste their other business ventures were generating and going to landfill. The owners could see a need and a potential for the business to grow by offering these services and equipment to other companies to manage and control their waste streams.


Carroll Engineering Services Pty Ltd manufactures plant and equipment for the purpose of recycling end of life tyres (ELTs). End of life tyres are a significant waste problem, but are also an opportunity. The machinery re-processes ELTs into a saleable new product which is rubber crumb. Rubber crumb can be sold to companies (which may have been importing this product) for use in road making, rubber matting and many other applications.  Carroll Engineering Services is turning a difficult waste challenge into a process with vast resource potential.

Our Expertise

The team at Carroll Engineering Services Pty Ltd has a combined 70+ years of experience in the engineering field. Within the engineering division there are 15 fulltime employees in various roles with the ability to increase this number to cope with workloads.


With years of experience in the tyre industry clients can be assured that Carroll Engineering Services Pty Ltd are committed to responsible disposal and recycling of end-of-life tyres demonstrated by not only manufacturing tyre recycling plants but also in the other services offered. 

Our Commitment to Results

Carroll Engineering Services Pty Ltd is committed to achieving their customers end results. Our director establishes a close working relationship with all clients and ensures that their desired outcomes are consistently achieved.

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Mick Carroll

Director & Founder

Mick Carroll has extensive experience spanning over 30 years in the engineering and manufacturing field. After owning a successful engineering company in central western NSW for many years Mick has established himself as the owner of several successful business ventures on the Gold Coast.


Having years of experience in the manufacturing and tyre industry Mick is well placed to understand the needs and necessity of dealing with end-of-life tyre disposal, recycling and manufacturing of the required equipment. 

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