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Carroll Engineering Services

Shredding Solutions

Carroll Engineering Services has also now incorporated mobile shredding where we assist councils in cleaning up sites and reducing input into landfill sites.


Our equipment is able to work on your site and process various types of waste. 

"Working with councils in SE Queensland we are seeing stockpiles reduce to from 6000m3 to 600m3."

Carroll Engineering Services mobile shredding

"Carroll Engineering Services now has the equipment and skills to also shred your unwanted mattresses to reduce your landfill mass and reclaim the steel from them"

"Shredded green waste significantly reduces landfill area and can assist in site clearing and project management"
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"Carroll Engineering Services can meet customers needs by offering a variety of solutions for their timber pallet and/or green waste reduction needs."

Shredded tyres are taken down to uniform pieces, generally 50-80mm in size.

Shredding end of life tyres assists the recycling process by reducing landfill area and enabling the shred to be transported economically to tyre recyclers to create new useful products

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Need Mobile Shredding Solutions?

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